CPAs and Enrolled Agents: Grow Your Tax Resolution Business!!

Are you a tax resolution professional looking to increase your business? 

Are you frustrated with the current marketing model that forces you to be a marketing expert, or feel like an ambulance chaser, instead of the tax professional you are? 

And what about the loud National Tax resolution marketing firms with their monster advertising budgets – how can you compete with that?

The answer is, YOU can’t.  But together, WE can! 

Tax Resolution Help Center… We are implementing a new and disruptive approach that will benefit both the tax resolution expert and the taxpayer. A win-win for all!

Tax Resolution Help Center empowers and educates taxpayers to remove, reduce, and resolve tax debt themselves, with your online expert guidance. And if they need help you will be there to finish the job. 

We are carefully and selectively seeking high-quality, forward-thinking professionals to join our team of affiliate experts, helping them to grow their business the right way – professionally, efficiently, and effectively.

Call (816) 841-4290 and listen to our recorded messages. 

Tax Resolution Help Center: Helping You Help Yourself!

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