A Great Business Idea for Tax Professionals NOT!! Offering Tax Resolution

Tax preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping are terrific!

Can you name another business where customers knock down the door to do business with you? 

You do a great job at helping taxpayers and business owners, but what happens when things don’t work out as planned?

What about their tax liability? Payroll tax, income tax, sales tax..

There are millions of taxpayers who have tax debt and tax liens filed against them.

Wages garnished, assets seized, refunds withheld…

We think many of these taxpayers can and should resolve their THEMSELVES – not alone but with a team of professionals located throughout the US.

TaxResolutionHelpCenter.com is a virtual education and training classroom focused on helping taxpayers to learn strategies, tactic,s and best practices to resolve IRS and state tax debt themselves.

Have you been tempted to learn more about tax resolution in order to be a better and more knowledgeable tax professional?

Tax Resolution Help Center; for $39.95 a month you can learn from our affiliate experts – CPAs, EAs, and tax attorneys.

Join today as a Pro Associate Member. Promote yourself and your practice in a great network of taxpayers, business owners, and tax and accounting professionals. 

TaxResolutionHelpCenter.com: Helping You Help Yourself!

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