Credit Repair and Tax Debt: Two Sides, Same Coin

Tax Resolution Help Center knows that life happens to people.

Sometimes good things happen, and sometimes challenging things happen.

How we deal with these challenges defines us!

It separates happy from sad and winners from losers.

Some worry about their problems, while others solve their problems.

You help winners solve credit score problems; we help winners solve tax debt problems.

Your customers have life events that caused credit impairment; Our customers have life events that caused unpaid tax debt.

And frequently these are the same customers with the same need: solving the problem!

You remove negative credit events; we remove tax liens and reduce debt. Together we make lives better and happier.

We are a members-only program that helps taxpayers – your customers – resolve past tax debt themselves while you earn monthly recurring fees.

Call (816) 841-4290 and listen to our recorded messages. Helping You Help Yourself!

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