Advisors and Insurance Agents: Tax Debt Makes Your Clients Sad!

The financial planning and insurance services you offer are terrific!

Preparing for major life events: college, marriage, and retirement…

We think you are a rock star – especially on the asset side of the balance sheet!


But what about the LIABILITY side? Or the TAX liability side?

For 14 million taxpayers in the United States, there is over $130 Billion in past tax debt.

70% of taxpayers simply don’t deal with this.

And this tax debt affects YOUR ability to implement planning for major life events and asset protection.

Become a resolution advocate at Tax Resolution Help Center.


We are Tax Resolution Help Center, a members-only program that helps taxpayers – YOUR clients – resolve their tax debt themselves!

You can earn a healthy recurring fee to help them.

Together, we can make GOOD things happen to GOOD people!

Listen to a recorded message to learn how. Call (816) 841-7465.

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