Here at Tax Resolution Help Center, we’re big advocates of the DIY approach. Our hope is that we can empower everyday people through need-to-know tax information. If the average person can understand the rules of the game, then that person can play the game and win. These posts are designed to provide you with quick tips you’ll need to navigate your taxes. Sometimes the most difficult part about taxes is realizing you need to learn more. You may even need to consult an expert. Here, we’ll explore what Tax Resolution Help Center has to offer those who are moving towards freedom on their own.

  1. TAKE A CLASS OR TWO. You need to get educated! It’s not fun. Very few of us enjoy a classroom. You’ve been through high school. Maybe you’ve even put yourself through college and beyond. You’re likely thinking there’s no way you’re going back. But you need to. In today’s world, there are so many innovative ways to educate yourself on tax debt. You’re not confined to the stuffy classroom! Access the content Tax Resolution Help Center is offering—attend an online class, listen to two podcasts a month, read the posted articles. There is a teacher whose style will appeal to you. Be innovative about your learning—you can learn while you drive to work. . . or exercise. . . or watch a game on tv. Put the time in, and you will learn how to analyze whether your debt is an offer in compromise, currently not collectible, or a payment plan, etc.
  2. KNOW WHEN TO QUIT. Yes, it’s not what anyone wants to hear. Maybe you’ve followed all of the steps so far. Maybe you’re finding that after all the DIY attempts you’re still not cracking it. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to call in reinforcements. If you decide you don’t want to take on your tax debt alone, and you’ve attended some sessions, you can link up with one of the tax resolution experts. Simply reach out directly to one, letting them know you need help. They don’t work for $19.95 and will charge you a lot more than $19.95, but you will be working with a professional you know something about. These experts are ready and willing to help you end your tax debt.

Yes, it’s not an exciting prospect to spend time learning even more about the tax world. BUT it can be worth your while. However, we know, at some point, you cannot do everything by yourself. It can be hard to throw in the towel, especially if you’ve spent considerable time trying to fix your debt by yourself. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. The tax world is vast and often overwhelming. If you’re at your breaking point, but you don’t know which experts to contact, reach out to us at the Tax Resolution Help Center. We’ll get you matched with someone who will be a great fit for you.

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