Hey, this Kelly. I’m the CEO of EVERYDAYCPA. I want to be the first to congratulate you on taking this step to deal with your tax debt. Maybe it is your first step. Maybe it took you a while to take this first step. Or maybe you took the first step before and you didn’t like what you saw after you took that step.

I understand. Dealing with tax debt is hard. You might be angry with the tax collectors…who wouldn’t be…you might be angry at yourself…or your spouse…certainly you are frustrated with the US tax system that takes anywhere from 15 – 35% of your hard earned money. Did you know that if you add up all the taxes we pay…income tax, sales tax, property tax, payroll tax…it’s by far the largest expense we have.

So I want you to know. We understand this. And we also understand the stress and pressure it causes in your life and your relationships. And that’s why you have to deal with it. I applaud you for taking this step. My goal is to now encourage you to keep taking steps to deal with this.

At EVERYDAYCPA we have three different paths you can step down to get this tax debt off your back. One path is a monthly membership, Tax Resolution Help Center, where you learn the information and tips to successfully get the IRS or the state to remove, reduce or resolve your tax debt, and leave you alone. For $19.95/month, you get access to top Tax Resolution Experts who will guide you in virtual online classes and open office sessions and answer your confidential questions about getting tax debt off your balance sheet. This the DIY, do it yourself approach. A second path is DIT, Do It Together, where you can purchase 30 minute 1 on 1 sessions with a tax resolution expert at a price of $99 a session. They will answer your questions and guide you to achieve a successful resolution of your tax debt. And the third path is Full Service, where one of our tax resolution experts, and we will help you pick them based on your location and personality and theirs and come up with a good match. We have a process where we pick smart, honest and strong experts who know the business and know how to deal with tax collectors and aren’t afraid of them. The price is based on the complexity and duration of the matter. But you can be assured the price will be reasonable, fair and probably one of the best investments you will ever make. And this leads to my final comment.

In this business we cannot guarantee that we will get your tax debt written to zero. But what we can guarantee is you will be much, much better off after we have helped… you do it yourself, do it together of full service so you can live a happier, healthier life. And that we definitely can guarantee.

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