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Does the Tax Resolution Industry Smell Like the Taxi Business?

Tax Resolution Help Center designed to assist the 70% of taxpayers who do nothing in face of significant tax debt

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Sheridan, WY. – While consumers may be more frightened by witches and ghosts this time of year, tax debt is the goblin that, for many, never goes away. The tax resolution industry itself can be terrifying, however, a solution from the Tax Resolution Help Center for those facing tax debt will serve as a Halloween treat.

“The tax resolution industry is a lot like the taxi business which is loaded with drivers who don’t know their way around the city, prey on unsophisticated visitors and overcharge for their services,” said Kelly Coughlin, Chief Executive Officer of EveryDayCPA, Inc. He describes the company’s new service, Tax Resolution Help Center, as the next Ubertm for the tax resolution industry. “Because of service cost mispricing, business model inefficiencies and a marketing nightmare for service providers, this industry is more than ready for disruption – taxpayers, who will now have the skills to do this work themselves, will lead the disruption, closely followed by technology and better solutions for a chronic problem.”

While 14 million people today have significant tax debt, only about 10 percent retain professional help, while another 20 percent try to handle the issue themselves – which means “a whopping 70 percent of taxpayers are doing nothing,” Coughlin said. “Meanwhile, providers are telling consumers the IRS is the enemy and they will fail unless they hire a paid professional. We’re here to challenge these messages. You don’t always need a paid professional, and you certainly don’t need an incompetent ‘taxi driver’ ready to overcharge before you even open the door. In fact, frequently, you can and should drive yourself.”

Launching January 1, 2020, Tax Resolution Help Center is an innovative solution. A monthly fee of $19.95 includes members-only education with virtual open-office sessions, video and audio webinars, podcasts and articles all offered in a confidential, anonymous environment led by more than 50 fully vetted, high-quality tax resolution professionals, called Affiliate Experts.

“We have spent significant resources and attention to identify experts who are honest, smart, tough with tax collectors and who have compassion and sympathy for taxpayers with tax debt,” Coughlin said. “To find this combination of skills and personality in this industry was harder than you’d think.”

Ultimately, resolving past tax debt benefits taxpayers, tax experts and the government. The good news is this: Tax Resolution Help Center offers an affordable way for consumers to address their tax issues and save thousands of dollars in a timely and cost-effective fashion. “We can’t wait to disrupt this industry by helping taxpayers ditch the tax resolution taxi and drive themselves.” Coughlin added.