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Would you like to earn a 25% recurring fee by helping taxpayers remove, reduce and resolve tax debt? Tax Resolution Help Center is a members-only education and information platform to help taxpayers with tax debt remove, reduce and resolve their tax debt …THEMSELVES.

Hello, this is Kelly Coughlin, CPA and the CEO of EverydayCPA and founder of Tax Resolution Help Center. If you like the idea of earning a recurring $5 monthly fee for every member you help sign up, simply by putting a couple links or ads on your website or sending out some emails to your community of followers, then continue listening. If earning $2,500 every month from 500 members gets your attention, then keep listening. If you want to help people get the IRS and state revenue off their backs, and earn recurring passive monthly income doing nothing, then keep listening.

If none of this so far interests you, then do yourself and me a favor HANG UP NOW and don’t waste another second on this. Life is too short to be wasting time on activities that don’t make your life more meaningful and valuable. Spend time with your family…go for a walk…get healthy…nothing in life is certain except death and taxes…cherish you are alive and appreciate that life did not deal you big tax debt like it has to 14 million people that have to deal with this. It is debilitating and destructive to families and if helping these families help themselves…and make some money in the process, doesn’t get your attention, no problem. MOVE ON! But if it does…stay with me.

Life happens to people, and sometimes they just get themselves in a jam with taxes. And we make no judgements about them. We simply want to help. Tax Resolution Help Center is changing and disrupting the way taxpayers deal with the IRS and state revenue collectors. No more of this, scare taxpayers to hire a tax resolution professional. You’ve hear this on radio and TV…never talk to the IRS…they will take your home if you don’t work with us. Baloney…Not us. We are empowering people to confront, manage and resolve tax debt themselves. There are 120 million taxpayers who are supposed to pay taxes….and most of them pay too much…and there are over 14 million who do NOT pay their taxes and get themselves in a jam. We help them help themselves get out of this jam.

And you can help us help them, by promoting our membership program at $19.95/month. We have 50 tax resolution professionals who are offering to help inform and guide taxpayers with free open office sessions, audio podcasts, audio and video webinars and more…so they can remove, reduce and resolve their tax debt…THEMSELVES. These professionals are doing this at no charge to taxpayers. Only if and when a taxpayer says, I can’t do this on my own…I don’t have the time…or I just don’t want to talk directly to the IRS…only then do these professionals charge for their services. Other than the $19.95/month membership, it’s free to the taxpayer.

So, what does all this have to do with you? We think you have a network…a tribe…a group of followers…an ecosystem that could benefit from this….And we are growing this through individuals and businesses, podcasts, video streaming and blog sites that are looking to generate recurring fee income from their followers, their tribe, their ecosystem. Is that you? Are you trying to monetize your blog site? Are you in the “deal” business where revenues are inconsistent throughout the year and you would like some stable recurring income…the real estate or investment or insurance business? The areas where we see people have the most problems with tax debt are those with 1099 income – on the white collar side it is financial advisor agents, credit repair, real estate agents, consultants and on the blue collar side of things truckers, contractors and builders and the building trade business. And then there is small employers with less than 50 employees who have unpaid payroll taxes. These people need help resolving past tax debt and more importantly managing current and future tax debt.

So, our proposal is for you to help us help them help themselves…and earn a 25% monthly fee to do that. We have a program all set up for you. All you need to do is go to

Thanks for listening.