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Do-It-Together (DIT)

Tax Resolution Help Center’s TriTax method helps business and individual taxpayers resolve their IRS and state tax debt. This three-tier system empowers taxpayers to decide how they want to resolve their tax debt. Tier 2 – Do-It-Together (DIT) requires a higher investment in dollars, but a reduced amount of time the taxpayer will need to invest to get their tax debt removed, reduced and resolved. The basic membership fee will be charged at $19.95 per month plus $69.95 per month for a one hour one-on-one session for a total monthly fee of $89.95/month. This is a great way for a taxpayer to get to know one or more tax experts to help them make a better selection if they decide a Tier 3 – DIA (Do-It-All) Full Service Engagement.

    • Product Price: $89.95/month
  • Total Price: