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Do-It-All (DIA)

Tax Resolution Help Center’s TriTax method helps business and individual taxpayers resolve their IRS and state tax debt. This three-tier system empowers taxpayers to decide how they want to resolve their tax debt. Tier 3 – Do-It-All (DIA) Full Service Engagement requires a much higher investment in dollars, but allows the taxpayer to let an expert deal with IRS and state tax document preparation and submissions plus the very important negotiation component that accompanies most tax resolution strategies. The basic membership fee will be charged at $19.95 per month plus a full-service engagement fee of $249.95/month (custom quote may be required). The biggest benefit of DIA Full Service Engagement in the TaxResolutionHelp Center is taxpayers get an opportunity to meet and talk with multiple tax experts in the virtual classrooms sessions before hiring an expert. This empowers the taxpayer to make a well-informed decision about an important event in their life. The average fee for DIA Full Service Engagement ranges from $2,500 – $7,500 for entire engagement over a period of six – 12 months depending upon complexity and type of taxes due.

    • Product Price: $249.95/month
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