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Services and Benefits for Taxpayers and Tax and Accounting Pros

A membership in the Tax Resolution Help Center will provide you a cost-effective way to reduce their PAST debt and better manage and control your FUTURE tax debt. Members have access to our Affiliate Expert CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys to provide tips, tactics and techniques on anything relating to tax debt and tax expense.

Confidential and Anonymous

Tax Resolution Help Center will help you remove, reduce and resolve your past tax debt…YOURSELF! This requires you to invest the time and monthly subscription expense to learn the strategies and tactics to resolve your PAST tax debt YOURSELF, and better manage your FUTURE tax debt YOURSELF

Webinars, Podcasts and Video

We know that taxes aren’t the most interesting topic. Our Affiliate Experts are selected for their ability to create and present tax topic content in an clear, concise and credible way to make a dull and boring topic more interesting and exciting.

Affiliate Experts for Past and Future Tax Debt

We fully recognize that many taxpayers will decide they simply can’t commit the time or energy to learn the tips, tactics and techniques to help them successfully deal with PAST tax debt. and minimize FUTURE tax debt. In the event you need help, you can connect with any of our Affiliate Experts to help you.

Tax resolution help center: Helping you help yourself

Disrupting the tax resolution industry for the benefit of business and individual taxpayers

Online Webinars with Affiliate Experts

Join and observe or participate in relevant and informative webinars hosted by one or more of our Affiliate Experts. All in complete anonymity and confidentiality.

Podcast Interviews with Affiliate Experts

Listen to recorded informative and relevant podcasts interview with our Affiliate Experts available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify.

Virtual Office with Affiliate Experts

We like to say, while the pen is mightier than the sword, the human voice is more powerful than both. This is your opportunity to ask questions, provide answers and listen to the sound of the human voice. Use your phone or any way you like to call in and use your voice NOT the keyboard.

Video Interviews with Affiliate Experts

Watch recorded and live streaming video interviews and discussions with our Affiliate Experts on tax resolution topics, strategies and tactics to help you remove, reduce and resolve your own tax debt.

Tax Resolution Help Center enables business and individual taxpayers to remove, reduce and resolve past and future tax debt THEMSELVES supported by a team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys (Affiliate Experts) located throughout the US.

Webinars and Classroom Sessions

You can confidentially and anonymously participate or simply observe our Affiliate Experts present content on the topics and subjects of interest to you. No pressure to participate. But a safe environment to ask questions and get answers.

Podcasts and Audio Content

Let’s face it. We know you would much rather be doing something else with your time than learning about taxes. So here’s what we recommend. Listen, learn and LOVE tax stuff while doing something else…running, walking, driving (don’t be distracted), and maybe while watching sports.


We know that busy people simply don’t have time to read ANYTHING…and certainly no time (interest?) in tax matters. So, sit back enjoy the ride down to free yourself from tax and learn how to reduce future tax expense.